Died in Road Accident Stefano Rossi in Carpiano


The motorcyclist who lost his life at night was called Stefano Rossi and was 49 years old. He resided in the province of Pavia.

According to the first results the man, on the Binasca, died on board his Yamaha motorcycle after colliding with a Mercedes driven by a seventy-five of San Colombano Al Lambro (Milan).

Apparently, the accident happened while the Mercedes was reversing. Thrown to the ground, the motorcyclist was also run over by a van that hooked him and dragged him for about 30 meters without stopping. The van's driver searches are in progress, while the car and motorcycle were seized.

Investigate the carabinieri.

It was not the only serious sinister in the night. At Lacchiarella, after a dozen kilometers and a few hours later, another impact occurred between a van and a car. A 15 year old was taken to the Niguarda hospital in serious condition and his father – in a less worrying situation – at the San Matteo in Pavia. Firefighters and carabinieri intervened.

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