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CINTO CAOMAGGIORE. At 18:30 the fire brigade intervened in Via Venezia in Cinto Caomaggiore for an overturned finished car in a ditch: a deceased person and a wound.

The firemen arrived from Portogruaro and Motta di Livenza, have secured the car ed extracted the two people.

Unfortunately, despite the rescue, the staff of the suem 118 had to declare the death of a 38 year old young man from Cinto, Davide Zavattin who was sitting on the passenger side.

Davide was originally from San Vito al Tagliamento and was an auxiliary of the Fire Brigade. According to some witnesses he was going to help a friend.

Davide Zavattin

The woman driving was stabilized by health personnel and transferred to the hospital.

The operations of are now in progress recovery car.

On site the law enforcement officers for the claims.

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