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We close our live here and thank you for joining us.

Only small regret for Milan is having won only seven points at the end, but Baskonia has never given up thanks to the 15 of Stauskas and 13 of Henry.

Extraordinary match of Amedeo Della Valle, voted MVP of the match. Fifteen points for the blue, Milan's best scorer, who also has Rodriguez (13), Micov (12) and Roll (12) in double figures.

Milan is at the moment, even if only for one night, at the top of the standings alone.

IT'S OVER! Milan wins at the Forum against Baskonia Vitoria and gets the sixth consecutive success in the Euroleague.

81-74 Eric crushes the -7.

81-72 Henry marks with penetration. Last eight seconds of the match.

Exit Della Valle for the standing ovation of the Forum. 36 seconds at the end.

81-70 Henry marks with hesitation.

81-68 Triple by Shengelia. Last minute.

81-65 Mack raises the parable and iron rewards him. Now it seems over.

79-65 Monstrous crush of Shengelia.

79-63 Still two free from Della Valle. Fifteen points coming off the bench for Amedeo.

77-63 Inside two free Roll. 2.44 at the end. Both teams in bonuses.

Incredible 0/2 of Shengelia.

75-63 1/2 of Fall but on the rebound Tarczewski makes a foul on Shengelia.

Infringement of three seconds of Bankruptcy

75-62 Two important free rolls. Three and a half minutes at the end.

73-62 Henry penetrates and finds a lucky penetrating basket.

73-60 Two freedmen from Henry.

73-58 Three-point Shengelia game that tries to restore hope to Baskonia.

73-55 Three more free Amedeo! With Stauskas who had done it on the triple of blue.

Lost ball of Baskonia! Six minutes to the end of the game.


67-55 Two free riders from Micov sign the +12.

65-55 Pick & Roll perfect between Roll and Scola. The Argentine puts +10 on the glass.

Do it in Janning's attack on Roll and the Forum explodes.

63-55 Scola takes the rebound and scores +8.

61-55 OF THE VALLEEEEE! Stolen of the Italian after the remittance and easy support to the glass.

59-55 OF THE VALLEY! Triple from the corner!

56-55 Eric forces against Tarczewski and marks an important basket

THE THIRD FOURTH ENDS! Baskonia ends the third stage well, but Milan is still three points ahead. Last ten minutes of fire. Micov (12) and Rodriguez (11) in double figures, while the Spaniards have an excellent Stauskas of 15 points.

56-53 Stauskas raises for Eric's dunk. Last shot for Milan.

56-51 Excellent work by Stauskas coming out of the block and with the penetration of -5. Last minutes of the third quarter.

56-49 Henry's lucky triple with the ball climbing over the iron and enters.

56-46 TRIPLAAAAAA OF THE CHACHOOOOO! Milan flies to +10.

53-46 Support to the iron of Fall.

53-44 Two freedmen by Della Valle.

51-44 Inside the free extra of the Chacho. Three minutes to the end of the third quarter.

50-44 Rodriguez makes the whole field and scores with Garino's foul.

48-44 Placed by the Stauskas average.

Timeout for Baskonia. Half way through the third quarter.

48-42 Janning with the "waiter" in penetration.

48-40 ROLL! Triplaaaaa! Nedovic invents and Roll closes from the corner.

45-40 Fall exploits its height and marks on the glass.

45-38 TRIPLE OF MACK! All the American alone cannot make mistakes.

42-38 Fall receives and supports glass.

42-36 Gudaitis flies over the iron and nails a monstrous smash.

40-36 Garino in penetration marks despite contact with Roll.


ENDS THE SECOND FOURTH! Olimpia's partial Super (14-2) in the fourth final and Messina's team leads to the six-point interval. Twelve points of an extraordinary Vlado Micov.

Milan now enters as a bonus. Mack is released and the audience's standing ovation. 16 seconds at interval.

40-34 MAAAAAACK! American triple!

37-34 Penetration of Mack who scores in extension at hand.

35-34 Diop fight under the basket and score with Tarczewski's foul. No additional free entry.

35-32 Micov continues to teach basketball. Great play in post on Janning and hook that gently enters the retina.

33-32 2/2 by Tarczewski. Two and a half minutes at the break.

Timeout in the game. The referees go to review Diop's foul on Tarczewski.

31-32 Great assist from Mack and Tarczewski's dunk.

29-32 STILL MICOV! Triple from the corner of the Serbian.

26-32 Super play of Vildoza that uses the Diop block and responds to Micov.

26-29 Professor Micov ascends to the chair and finds a splendid triple.

23-29 Stauskas is in rhythm and finds another triple coming out of the blocks.

Immediate timeout for Baskonia.

23-26 Rodriguez exploits the mismatch with Fall and burns it with arrest and shooting.

21-26 Two free of Micov. Six and a half minutes at the break.

19-26 Beautiful movement in post by Tarczewski that pretends twice at the end finds the retina.

17-26 Incredible triple from Stauskas. All wrong the former Phila burns the retina.


14-23 Henry raises for Fall that comfortably crushes. Messina immediately calls timeout.

14-21 Stauskas with the lap and shot after two consecutive rebounds before Fall and then Polonara.

THE FIRST FOURTH ENDS! After a great start (7-0), Milan goes off in attack and suffers the return of Baskonia which is five points ahead after the first ten minutes.

14-19 Henry scorribanda that pierces the Milan defense and reaches the iron.

Ball lost by Mack. 24 seconds on the stopwatch for the last Basque attack.

14-17 Triple from the corner of Stauskas.

Miss the additional free-fall roll. One minute at the end of the first quarter.

14-14 The giant Fall (2.21 cm) marks with Brooks's phallus.

14-12 Scorribanda by Nedovic and the Serbian finds only the retina.

12-12 Two free Shengelia.

12-10 Splendid counterattack of Milan closed by Brooks' pad.

10-10 One free for Brooks.

Messina timeout, which puts a pause at a fiery start.

9-10 Triple front of Vildoza.

9-7 Stopping and shooting from the bezel for Roll.

7-7 Penetration of Shengelia who finds her first two points.

Third consecutive ball lost from Milan that stopped in attack. Five minutes at the end of the first quarter.

7-5 Shields with a nice penetration and backboard support.

7-3 Triple of Janning that unlocks the Baskonia.


4-0 Micov comes out of the block and burns the retina.

2-0 Scola's splendid basket, with his usual post movement.

First possession for Milan.


20.43: These are the quintets holders

Milan: Rodriguez, Roll, Micov, Scola, Tarczewski.

Baskonia: Vildoza, Janning, Shields, Shengelia, Eric

20.40: It is the moment of the presentation of the two teams

20.34: The balance between the two clubs is 8-8. At home, the Olimpia is 6-2 against Vitoria with a streak of six consecutive victories, while Milan is under 2-6 away.

8.30pm: Ettore Messina presented the challenge as follows: “We face a team that has returned from an important victory against Bayern Monaco, a physical team that has a player like Toko Shengelia who was twice the MVP of the week. The main qualities of Vitoria are aggressive defense and rhythm, and it is a formidable team in three-point shooting. For us it is a complex game, also because we face a direct opponent in order to pursue a place in the playoffs "

20.28: It will be a special match for Luis Scola, who played for seven years in Vitoria, winning three Euroleague Final Four and a final in 2001 (old formula), lost 3-2 against the Bologna Virus coached by Ettore Messina. Still wearing the Baskonia shirt, the Argentine won the Spanish title in 2002 and three times the King's Cup (2002, 2004 and 2006).

20.23: Sergio Rodriguez was voted player of the month in Euroleague, with the Spaniard being phenomenal against Barcelona. In October, the Chacho scored 16.2 points average with 44.1% from three, 95.2% from the line, 5.5 assists and 17.3 evaluation in 28.1 minutes of use.

20.21: Baskonia has a 3-3 record in the Euroleague, but has already played four times away. After the debut with victory Kaunas, the Spaniards lost in Moscow with Khimki and then in the house of Fenerbahce. Then the knockout against Asvel and then Vitoria dominated against Bayern Monaco, winning 93-60.

20.18: Olimpia is back from five consecutive victories, which allowed it to reach the top of the standings together with CSKA Moscow and Barcelona.

8.15pm: Let's start the live broadcast of Olimpia Milano-Baskonia Vitoria


Good evening, and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the match between Olimpia A | X Armani Exchange Milan and Kirolbet Baskonia Vitoria, valid for the seventh day of the Euroleague 2019-2020.

Home challenge for Olimpia Milano on the seventh day of the Euroleague. The team of Ettore Messina, in fact, will face the Spaniards of Baskonia Vitoria this evening at the Forum. This is an important match for the Armani Exchange that wants to maintain its unbeaten streak (five consecutive victories) and also beat a team that looks like a direct rival in the race for the playoffs.

The debut to the debut with Bayern is already canceled, because Milan has known how to exalt itself in European field and above all it has made the Forum a so far impregnable fort and where Fenerbahce and Barcelona have also fallen. Just the last victory against the Catalans has thrilled all the environment and above all launched the Olimpia at the top of the standings together with the same Barcelona and CSKA Moscow.

Armani Exchange therefore on a par with two battleships of European basketball, but now comes the difficult, that is to say to confirm oneself at these levels. Milan will have to maintain this continuity, because the playoffs are absolutely an objective within the reach of the Messina team.

The match between Olimpia Milano and Baskonia Vitoria will start at 8.45pm. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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