Del Genio: "Some players of Napoli could live a delicate evening, message to the fans"


The well-known journalist who spoke on the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli to analyze the moment of Carlo Ancelotti's team.

Paolo Del Genio, Journalist Tele A is Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, has been projected to the challenge of tonight in his speech to the microphones of Radio Goal: "There are some players who could live a very delicate evening against Genoa at the San Paolo. We will see what will happen for the veterans, that is Koulibaly, Insigne, Mertens. There is much waiting to understand and to have the pulse of the situation after what happened in these days after the match against Salzburg ".

Poi Del Genio added a message to the fans: "Complaint to the team? I imagine that before the game there will be a few banners. I feel, however, to exclude the targeting of footballers, whistling them. Beyond all the ideas that can legitimately be had, whistle a player, specifically, he would do nothing but favor Genoa. We are not interested in the single player, the real fans must continue to cheer for Napoli and hope to win, so they will not do the evil of the shirt, the team ".

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