Del Genio: "I say it clear: the players of Naples will throw away so many pennies! The market …"


Paolo Del Genio, on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, official broadcaster of the Italian club, analyzed what happened in the last few days.

The journalist Paolo Del Genio, conductor, radio commentator and football commentator expert in tactics, has issued some statements to the microphones of Radio Goal, in-depth transmission on the hot topics in the Neapolitan house broadcast on the frequencies of Kiss Kiss Naples, official broadcaster of the blue club. These are his considerations on the moment experienced by the society of Campania: "In the summer I made a contradictory argument to someone: I said that I like this year's purchases, but I didn't like the market at all, because there are no pawns from a tactical and even a technical point of view ".

Del Genio then added: "There are roles discovered as characteristics. Now, however, we discover that there are no pawns even in terms of personalities on the field. Personality has pulled it out, yes, but off the field. We hope to see it on the green rectangle. I say briefly: the players, with their behavior, got into a lot of trouble, because the contracts they signed with the SSC Napoli are very complicated. I clearly say: they will chase beautiful pennies ".

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