Death Stranding, what are its flaws? Here are the opinions of those who rejected it


Death Stranding it was not received in a unanimously positive manner, but created fractures and divisions that were easy to predict before the launch. The new title of Hideo Kojima has indeed undoubted defects and there are those who made them weigh a lot on the numerical evaluation, the cross and the delight of the trade press.

Among the votes received by Death Stranding there are some particularly negative ones, even exaggerated in their ruthlessness: a phenomenon that also in this case stimulates a debate on how some international newspapers use the scale of values ​​to judge consistently the titles that from time to time in turn they are reviewed.

The vote the lowest assigned to Death Stranding is a 3.5 out of 10. The criticisms of the game, in this case, concern its being practically "a courier simulator in which you control a character with the sense of balance of a drunk child "slow as death and wrongly recognized as a work of art due to its film ambitions.

The second review more critical is a 4 out of 10 argued like this: "I kept waiting for Death Stranding to offer me something to justify the breath I spent to explain even its most obvious metaphors and motivations, but unfortunately it never happened."

"The initial concept that revolves around the connection between people and the need to be together does not evolve over the course of more than 50 hours of play, and the things that are said at the start are practically identical to the final conclusions, and it is not about particularly profound thoughts. "

The rest of the "yellow" evaluations on Metacritic are less ruthless, more oriented towards a sincerely disappointed judgment than what could have been and was not, at least according to the authors of the articles in question.

We speak of very little action compared to the total number of hours, of a combat system lackluster, of a backtracking frustrating and, in general, an experience that requires so much effort by offering relatively little in exchange for our efforts.

Have you purchased Death Stranding? How do you think the experience of the new title is Hideo Kojima with respect to these criticisms? Let's talk about.

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