Death Stranding, users give the game to those who can't buy it


On Reddit users give Death Stranding to those who can't afford it. Hideo Kojima took center stage and his message was received!

During the launch of Death Stranding, from today on the shelves, Hideo Kojima has not hidden the mission of the game, as well as its biggest goal: connect people, Conveying a positive and hopeful message.

The game director has repeatedly stressed the importance of bonds between people and of tightening connections to overcome isolation. During a previous interview, Kojima hoped that his work could generate deep reflection in the players: "The isolation is sometimes referred to as a trend in today's world. Also online. One of the themes of Death Stranding is to connect. I want people to think about the world once they've played the title, not just the gaming experience itself. What it means to connect or isolate. Certainly only a game remains. And I want you to enjoy the title. But after the game, I would like people to look around, open their eyes and say "Oh, that could mean this or that, maybe." I hope you show the consequences".

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Well, a lot of players have decided to take Kojima's words literally and to make a concrete gesture, which extends well beyond the video game and also touches real life.

A Reddit user, RamonesRazor, has decided he wants to give away a copy of Death Stranding to someone who could not afford the purchase. Obviously, the message quickly attracted the attention of the community, pushing other players to make the same gesture building, as desired by Kojima, a connection and support also in the world we all live. Everything even got to the attention of the actor Tommie Earl Jenkins, Die-Hardman in Death Stranding, who reported the initiative with a Tweet.

Hideo Kojima can not help but feel satisfied with the gesture of these gamers!

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