Death Stranding is the game with the best graphics ever, according to PlayStation Access


Death Stranding looks visually interesting, certainly one of the most beautiful games of the generation, according to PlayStation Access it is the most beautiful ever.

Death Stranding it's almost in our hands. The new Kojima game, the first work of the independent Kojima Productions team, has been enthusiastically received by international critics, so much so that it has become the most perfect score game of 2019. It is objectively a unique title, as we told you in our review (a by Yuri Polverino), and probably not for everyone. At the same time, there are objective qualities that cannot be questioned.

One of these is the high-quality graphics component even compared to the best titles of this generation. According to PlayStation Access, however, Kojima's sci-fi blockbuster is not one of the best titles out there, but it is absolutely the best, on a visual level, ever made in this generation and, consequently, always, since we are talking about a technical issue and not just a stylistic one.

In the video above you can see and hear the opinions of one of the curators of PlayStation Access, who speaks with great enthusiasm of the faces of the characters and the animations. This quality was achieved thanks to the Decima Engine, the graphic engine provided by Guerrilla Games (which is just one of the first party teams that helped in the development)

Death Stranding will be available starting tomorrow, Friday 8 November, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Starting from summer 2020, it will also be distributed in PC version by the Italian publisher 505 Games, which has dealt with great games like Control (Remedy Entertainment) and Assetto Corsa (Kudos Simulations). Tell us, which version will you play? Do you prefer to wait for that PC, or will you not resist and you will hit on that PlayStation 4?

Death Stranding is a high quality game: you are still in time to book your copy on Amazon, you can find it at this address.

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