Dear flights, entrepreneurs: "Damage from 10 thousand euros to citizens". Clerks: "From 2020 social traits"


All against the expensive flights. From politicians to entrepreneurs, the consumer association is a war against the surge in prices to reach Sicily, especially during holiday periods. Soaring aggravated by the abandonment of Vueling on the island and by the cutting of Ryanair-branded faces. Without competition, in fact, the flights will be increasingly expensive, this is what the Sicilian parliamentarians of the Chamber and Senate Cinquestelle denounce who have written a long letter of protest to the president of the Authority for the regulation of transport; Andrea Camanzi, asking for the right to mobility to be guaranteed, while the deputy transport minister, Giancarlo Cancelleri announces an amendment to the Budget "Against the 'high rates' of air connections from Sicily for the introduction of the social tariff:" I have already met the ENAC summits on the problem of rising air fares from Sicily; next week I will meet Vueling executives, to understand the reasons why he decided to cancel the Palermo-Rome flight, and those of Alitalia ", explained Cancelleri on the sidelines of the meeting in Palermo with the administrator of the Public Works, during the which also announced the project of a 12-km long underground motorway tunnel to join the A19 and A20 to the port of Palermo, bypassing the city and the ring road ". Work for which the 5-star Deputy Minister has assumed a cost of 1 billion 200 thousand euros, for a duration of about 5 years, in the 'Ultimo Miglio' program, drawn up by the port authority in agreement with Anas, the Sicily Region and the Municipality of Palermo, a tunnel that would allow arriving directly at the airport: "The motorway bypass of Palermo – Cancelleri said – would allow citizens to go beyond the city to go directly to Punta Raisi or other destinations ".
Meanwhile, the alarm for all is the increase in tariffs, which has now become "unsustainable for everyone," explains Francesco dʻUva, former leader of the 5s, now Chamber of Commerce chiefs. If we associate this phenomenon with that of economic depression and depopulation, we realize that for the Sicilians there is no way out "."For this reason, together with all the Sicilian members of the M5s – D'Uva explains – we have written to the president of the transport regulation authority who, among other functions, also carries out that of Supervisory Authority in the approval of the systems of pricing. We asked to monitor the airport reality of the airports of Catania and Palermo to guarantee the right to citizens' mobility. Maximum confidence in the work of Giancarlo Cancelleri and in the prompt response of the president of the Art, and the hope that, after having wasted time in starting the territorial continuity already financed for Trapani and Comiso, at least on this front the regional Government will be active promptly to do what is within its competence in order to guarantee decent treatment to Sicilian citizens ".

And the grillini on the expensive front – but also expensive trains – go to war on all fronts, simultaneously presenting a question to the European Parliament: "We ask the European Commission to open an investigation and clarify what appears to be a shameful hidden tax towards the workers who go to visit their families during the Christmas holidays ", as reported by the 5-star MEP Mario Furore, first signer of a question to the European Commission co-signed by MEPs Ignazio Corrao, Rosa D'Amato, Laura Ferrara, Chiara Gemma, Daniela Rondinelli.It would be enough to apply the statute regoinale, according to Antonio De Luca, regional deputy for the Cinquestelle who rails against President Musumeci: "Instead of begging in Rome, President Musumeci should demand the application of Article 22 of the Sicilian Statute and participate so with its own representative to the formation of the State railway tariffs and to the establishment and regulation of the national communications and transport services, land, sea and air, which may still be of interest to the Region. "Perhaps – he adds – it is easier to make the catwalk to Pontida and to celebrate differentiated regionalism, instead of applying our Statute ".
But beyond the M5s in its various institutional forms, the war against the chorus also sees the agreement between industrialists and construction companies. The Confcommercio Palermo Industrial Union has in fact launched an online petition against the indiscriminate increase in the cost of airline tickets to and from Sicily. "Paying around 500 euros for a one-way air ticket to Rome is beyond logic and we no longer want to be subjected to such a disadvantage passively – stressed president Antonio Lo Coco – It is even mortifying to be forced to carry on a battle from citizens and entrepreneurs to obtain the recognition of apparently elementary rights ".

According to the president of the Confcommercio Palermo industrial union, "in a territory already penalized by the lack of road and rail infrastructure, the speculation practiced by the airlines strongly penalizes all the companies that find themselves in need of using air services for their employees and that they are forced to register considerable travel costs to the detriment of competitiveness, or worse still – he adds – to renounce off-site transfers of their employees, risking heavy repercussions on the development of business volumes, not to mention the repercussions on the industry of tourism that represents one of the few strengths of the island: with similar tariffs it is evident that the incoming tourist flow is discouraged ".

The expensive flights is then, according to the association of the builders, "an estimated damage of 10 thousand euros a year for each young Sicilian who studies in the universities of the Center-North", as underlined by Sandro Cutrone, president of Ance Sicilia. Which continues: "A damage to every young startupper who has to turn to propose his own ideas and look for financiers, for every entrepreneur who cannot plan the departure six months before hunting for the ticket in promotion, for every operator that has already planned huge expenses to participate in missions abroad and suddenly find a higher unforeseen cost ". The association of building contractors has therefore turned to the Authority for Competition and the Market to start an investigation but also to ENAC, to the Transport Minister Paola De Micheli. "The Sicilians – continued Cutrone – already deprived of the Bridge and High Speed, have the same right as other Italians to reach Rome and Milan, but the only alternative is air transport. If this route also becomes impractical, Sicily is condemned to isolation. The national government makes the costs of airline tickets affordable, exactly as it does with the inhabitants of Sardinia ”.

"A kidnapping", as defined by the consumer association, Codacons, which presented a complaint to the prosecutor's offices of Palermo and Catania to assess any responsibility of the Italian State, the European Union, the Sicilian Region, the competent authorities and all possible perpetrators of failed pricing of airline tickets to and from Sicily.

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