Dear Conte, here's how to revive Taranto without Ilva


<! – -> In these difficult hours for Taranto and for the entire country as an entrepreneur I would like to put forward a proposal to the president Emiliano and to the mayor Melucci: If the government does not find a solution soon with Arcelor Mittal, the only viable solution would, in my opinion, be to go beyond the simple Zes and make Taranto, a city penalized in the last 60 years, an entire “no tax area".

It was an idea that I had already expressed in 2013: at the time I was engaged in politics, today I do it in an absolutely detached way from any alignment, from a simple entrepreneur of this land but with all the experience gained in the industrial and political institutional field of this territory.

The government should not only undertake to ask Europe for Taranto for the total non-tax area, but financially (through a new ad hoc law 488/92) and for the entire new settlement the new companies. This in order to attract important investments from abroad and compensate for the thousands of jobs in excess of the largest steel industry in Europe. In this way the most modern industrial area of ​​the country would be realized through the attraction of hundreds of small and medium-sized companies that would restore dignity to the city of Taranto and its industrial port.

A real "total no tax area" (at least for the next 60 years) with which up to thirty thousand new jobs could be created that would compensate those eventually lost in the former Ilva. Not a closure, therefore, but a gradual conversion, exactly like the principle of communicating vessels. For the first five years the same workers would be employed to clear the area of ​​the plant and for the future they would always have the pre-emption in the new activities. It could be a great relief valve to restore certainty in the future to those tens of thousands of families who today fear they do not even have a present.

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