Dear airline tickets, the government's plan: "Social routes for Sicily by Christmas"


"Our goal is to succeed in insert the social sections in the budget law. This week we met Enac, next week we will see Vueling, to understand why he left the island, and also Alitalia, "said the deputy minister for Infrastructure, Giancarlo Cancelleri, in Palermo, during a visit to the offices of the Department of Works public, intervening on the topic of air price increases for Sicilian citizens.

"On the increase in airfares from Sicily to the other regions there are responsibilities on everyone's part: a ticket from Palermo to Rome for 400 euros is scandalous, shameful and unacceptable. Only with complaints nothing is resolved, we are working on solutions "I hope the social tariffs will arrive by Christmas."

"The airports of Catania and Palermo are not interested in territorial continuity? The Sicilian Region must ask for it. If asked, the Ministry will work on this issue – he explained -. In the short term we are trying to put in place the solution that comes to us given by the European Commission which is that of social pricing and we must see whether to apply it only to some subjects who move for particular reasons or to adopt it to all Sicilians for conditions of particular isolation. We could make a national fund. On Tuesday I will have a meeting with Minister De Micheli to discuss the possibilities for intervention ".

On the matter also intervened Ance Sicilia, which turns to the Antitrust Authority asking to start an investigation "to verify any violations of the rules in the situation created on the main air routes to and from the island after the sudden withdrawal of Vueling and the 'soaring rates charged by the only two carriers still operating in Rome and Milan ". "Because this phenomenon, which is only about Sicily, if it is not a de facto cartel – observes Santo Cutrone, president of Ance Sicilia – whether wanted or not, it is certainly a risky speculation not justifiable either by the market or by technical reasons or conjunctures external. "
During the visit of Cancelleri, the project was also presented for a 12-kilometer underground tunnel which crosses the city of Palermo to connect the two motorways to Catania and Trapani, thus bypassing the ring road of the Sicilian capital. The project was drafted by the Palermo Port Authority, in consultation with Anas, the Region and the Municipality and sent to the Ministry of Infrastructures with the aim of including it in the EU's "Ultimo Miglio" program which serves to connect the main roads with the ports and airports.

The project, costing 1.2 billion euros, includes a route entirely below ground that crosses the city of Palermo, creating a junction for the port and entrances at the junction of Villabate in Palermo and the Cervello hospital.

"The Palermo passer-by which would allow citizens to go beyond the city to go directly to Punta Raisi or other destinations faster – Cancelleri explained – is an ambitious project that unfolds under the ground and under the sea and now we must begin to work for the retrieval of resources. There is a close collaboration between the Superintendency and the Ministry ".

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