"Deadly bacteria, five stronger microbes than all antibiotics". The alarm from the USA


"It is a serious problem that can affect everyone». The serious problem is i bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and to describe them this way is Michael Craig, specialist of CDC, that is the centers of control and prevention of diseases in the United States. THE five superbugs most dangerous in the world have been identified by the American CDCs, which have recently added two new microorganisms to the three that had already been listed. They are the "clostridium difficile", the "enterobacteriaceae" resistant to carbapenem antibiotics, the "neisseria" gonorrhea, the "candida auris", the "acinobacter" resistant to carbapenems. In addition to these five most lethal bacteria, there are also 11 other germs "under observation", included in a separate list.

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Every 15 minutes – the report reveals – a person in the US dies due to complications from infections resistant to any circulating antibiotic. A total of 35,000 deaths a year. Although the phenomenon is finally falling in American hospitals and clinics (-18% from 2013), antibiotic-resistant diseases are growing. «Some of these superbugs that resist drugs have learned how "to convince their resistant genes" with other germs in circulation» Craig noted.

(In the photo taken with the microscope, the bacteria of neisseria gonorrhea, one of the five lethal germs indicated by the Cdc).

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