Dead firefighters, direct funerals of the heroes Antonino, Marco and Matteo Emotion at the arrival of the three coffins


The last moving greeting to ad Antonino Candido, Marco Triches is Matteo Gastaldo: the solemn funeral of the three is underway dead firefighters Tuesday in the explosion of a farmhouse in Quargnento. The sirens of the fire brigade and the applause of the people in tears accompanied the arrival of the bodies of firefighters in the cathedral of Alexandria where the bishop is celebrating the funeral. The coffins were carried on the shoulders of the colleagues of the three victims from the nearby Piazza della Liberta between two wings of the crowd.Read also> Explosion in the farmhouse, the prosecutor: "Who did it, did it to kill"

BISHOP: DEAD IN SERVICE "We are here, in this moment of profound sorrow, to ask for God's blessing for Nino, Marco and Matteo, who died in an act of service to the community". The bishop of Alexandria, Monsignor Guido Gallese, started with these words the funeral of the three firefighters who died in the explosion of Quargnento.

1500 FIREFIGHTERS TO FUNERALS Many firefighters are present, but also many of all the police. The premier is present at the funeral Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese and the president of the Chamber Roberto Fico. At the funeral 1,500 firefighters participate coming from all over Italy. There is also a funeral Giuliano Dodero, the fire brigade team leader was injured in the explosion. The man got out of an ambulance and entered the Church in a wheelchair, accompanied by the applause of the numerous firefighters and other people present in the churchyard waiting for the arrival of the coffins.

The fire trucks on which the three coffins were placed have left the funeral home set up at the provincial command of the Fire Brigade, heading for the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mark. The sirens have been played, applause to the passage of coffins. Moving scenes inside the cathedral during funerals. A parent approached Mama's Antonio Candido and with shining eyes he made the gesture of returning the little uniform he had given to his son: but his mother di Candido told him to keep it, so that he could remember it all his life, and embraced it.

CROWD YESTERDAY AT THE ARDENT CAMERA Numerous the Alexandrians who waited during the course of the Romita opening, in silence, of the rooms where the coffins of the three firemen were wrapped in the Italian flag. Above the coffin the helmet of the three victims and their photo. Young and old, so many parents with children, cried "our heroes", as defined by the large writing made in a red heart at the entrance of the building.

Meanwhile land investigations by the carabinieri are tight: there are two cylinders seized by the investigators in the rubble. "To better understand what happened and who committed the deed, more people are still being heard," said prosecutor Enrico Cieri, who has no doubts about the fraud. "It is clear that the gesture – adds the magistrate – is not framed in neighborhood resentments, but is much more serious. Who did it, did it to kill ".

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