De Leo: "Courageous performance, we are regretful. With the great technical difference but also of protection by the referees"


Below, divided by main topics, the statements made at the press conference at the end of Bologna-Inter by Emilio De Leo, technical collaborator of Sinisa Mihajlovic, who commented on the performance and the defeat of the rossoblus:

Doubtful episodes – «We are sorry for not having collected points that we would certainly have deserved. The episodes have yet to see them again, but I think it would have been fair to consult the VAR at least from the referee. The penalty was not absolutely clear, and he was booed at a very delicate moment in the race ».

Sooner or later the wheel will turn – «We made a courageous performance, always going to get them high and even managing to start again with quality. The group is clearly sorry, but we know that if we continue like this things will turn in our favor ».

Don't shoot on Orsolini – "The performance of our players is a bit intermittent, and every once in a while someone turns bad. I think, for example, that after last season's final, too high expectations were created on Orsolini, who still remains a talented player from whom we all must be able to bring out the best ».

Unsecured Bologna – "Inter and Juventus are two great teams that will fight until the end for the scudetto, but compared to them we don't only notice a technical difference, but also of protection from the referees".


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