"De Laurentiis will try to sell Mertens and Callejon in January, Insigne and Koulibaly away in June"


Enzo Bucchioni writes his usual editorial on TMW:

"In Naples, instead, there was the Big Bang. Nothing will be the same as before and from today all the protagonists of this story will go towards new roads and a different future. It is the end of a cycle. What happens in the standings you can see and the objective of the championship shown in the summer is pure utopia, in the Champions League coach and players may find themselves in love, future visibility and money, something good they will do for themselves, but it will be hard. Laurentiis is right, the players were wrong and before them Ancelotti to let it be known that he did not agree, but everything else stems from wrong strategies and evaluations by De Laurentiis.

And why did a president like that get it all blown up?

Asking for damage to players (500 thousand euros?) Is a meager consolation, we say that for all the rest it has lost.

And an explanation is there. It is born from the immense pride, from the excess of ego, from the personal conviction that Adl in football is a king Midas. And the story comes from Sarri's farewell.

For Adl it was a setback, but as usual he wanted to revive losing contact with reality. Via Sarri has taken the most successful coach. On paper the best. And he asked him to win, he declared it several times: from Ancelotti he wanted the scudetto. Underestimating or overestimating everything else. That Naples was born with Sarri and Sarri. The coach's farewell meant the end of a cycle. Adl did not understand that many players (almost all) had grown up with Sarri's game, which would only have worsened their performance. Moreover Adl has taken a coach with tactical ideas different from his predecessor and what happened is history. The experience and the charisma of Ancelotti for a while 'masked, but the signs of discomfort have arrived strong and clear, from the quarrels to the too many changes of forms and of men, from the involution of too many players. The anti-Sarri plan is blown. If Adl had put pride aside without saying "without Sarri we will do better", he would have understood to sell at the right time the players who had the market and wanted to leave, to then reinvest and make the team for Ancelotti. None of this has happened. The errors add up. Having pulled too much on the race with Allan al Psg, then Insigne, the renewals, Koulibaly. It is no coincidence that the revolt was led by these disgruntled players, the sons of Sarri.

To save himself, ADL tried to take it out on Ancelotti, he would have gladly hunted him for a long time to give all the blame to him, but he found himself a prisoner of a multimillion-dollar contract and a man with a job. Ancelotti has seen so many, he is above good and evil.

Not even taking it too far with the referees no longer works.

This is the story, in some ways sad. Adl will now try to sell Mertens and Callejon as early as January, but it will be very tough. Insigne and Koulibaly will be the gold of June, money to re-establish.

One of the most beautiful teams of the last twenty years ends badly, but Adl pays the master systems of the ironworks that do not work in football. Adl has kicked very well in these years, but they have screwed him the reports. If all those who leave are beating the door there will be a reason. And if it is true that Sarri brought him to Naples, it is also true that he did not want to keep him …

And this is just one of the many stories that are sinking a great football idea.

It is all too common to argue today that the players did not behave like professionals, that they were wrong, that they should be treated as Lippi once said, but when it comes to certain points the limits of a society that is incapable of seeing, predicting and to solve problems, they are all there to prove that ADL, a man alone in command, can no longer function. The withdrawal was the last of the problems, it was only the trigger, Adl knew everything already fifteen days ago when he attacked the players publicly in a desperate, hard attempt to call everyone back to his duties. Too late, now it's going to be tough again ".

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