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The first and, perhaps, the only time in which Carlo Ancelotti did not make the company to the end, chaos erupted in Naples. He said he was against the company's decision regarding the withdrawal to be implemented immediately after the match Champions with the Salzburg and the players, who were looking for nothing else but a bank, rushed off the bus and fled to their comfortable homes. Aurelio De Laurentiis could not like and, therefore, with perfidy equal to the ability put the coach on the wall. Now decide if the withdrawal is or is not to be done. Indeed, he decides also on the next retreats and, if he is able, even on everything else.

The irritation of the president of Naples is sky-high. A deficient ranking (minus eleven from the summit) has been joined by a losing coach charisma is image in front of a crew of Mutiny. What does De Laurentiis want to show? Simply that Ancelotti, a good-looking first-time driver, has lost control of the locker room and the confidence of the company.

If this were not the case, why are the names of Luciano Spalletti, Massimiliano Allegri and Gennaro Gattuso chasing each other's bench in these hours?

It is clear to everyone, in fact, that De Laurentiis he was not only disavowed by his players, but also by the coach who sided with them. And it matters little – indeed, it matters nothing – that the technician and his retiring staff formally left us. If they had had authoritativeness or even authoritarianism, they would have dragged the team to the hotel, which, at the moment, is ungovernable and ungovernable.

De Laurentiis, then, is also a vindictive and the spite for the affront suffered, someone will have to make him pay. It is not enough to impose fines and, perhaps, go for lawyers about image damage. A manager must be found sooner or later and that revenge is as fierce as possible.

After all, as the president knows, there had never been a mutiny so massive, loud and ostentatious. The consequences cannot be peaceful and everything falls within the new responsibilities attributed to Ancelotti.
The break goes beyond appearances and the relationship is undermined with too many components. The protest of supporters to the team, for example, was expected by a few. And nobody, I think, thought that, in fact, the supporters sided with De Laurentiis, the perennially contested president whether you talk about the stadium, or about objectives.

The scenario has changed surprisingly. On the one hand there are the players, on the other the society with the paying and less adoring public. In the middle Ancelotti called to his most difficult test regarding the management of internal relations. If, in fact, he was very surprised by the refusal to present himself at the press conference after the Salzburg (the UEFA will give him a fine), the reasons why a coach so navigated got carried away by the disputing current is even more obscure.

It is true that he, like all of us, knows that withdrawal is a wrong, useless and even counterproductive measure. But it is equally true that the head of a work group, which was ordered to undertake it, cannot publicly distance himself from his president. In private he can disagree, get angry and even raise his voice. But with the team he must prove assertive and consenting. It would not have been a hypocrite, but a balancer between opposing demands. He is paid so much for this too.

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