De Laurentiis furious for the game! Telefoner to Ancelotti: the president will not exempt the technician


Aurelio De Laurentiis did not like the performance of Napoli against Genoa, but there will be no technical revolutions.

Disappointing draw for Napoli against Genoa, the Azzurri did not go beyond the 0-0 draw against Thiago Motta from Liguria. Aurelio De Laurentiis he did not like this performance, the president is very nervous about the race offered by the Neapolitan team. Carlo Alvino, who keeps in constant contact with the president, he reported to TV Luna: "I can tell you that De Laurentiis is very nervous about Napoli's performance, he liked practically nothing. He was right to say that the team needed a retreat ".

Alvino then adds: "The president will call Ancelotti to assess the situation, I can tell you that during this stop there will be no revolution or technical change. THEPresident De Laurentiis does not postpone the trip to the USA. There are no reflections on the technical guide. Napoli now only looks to the next two difficult commitments after the break, with Milan in the league and Liverpool in the Champions League ", the famous Neapolitan journalist reported.

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