Davide Rossi the adventure begins in the lives


Davide Rossi during the Home Visits (Sky Photos)

RIETI – The wait is about to end. Tonight, at X Factor, at 9.15 pm (Sky One), the singer from Rieti Davide Rossi will be one of the twelve competitors who will take part in the "live", the final phase in which, at the end of eight episodes, the winner of the 2019 edition of the talent.After two excellent performances at auditions and bootcamps, Rossi also amazed at home visits, offering a great interpretation of Jamiroquai's song "Virtual Insanity". Following this, his judge Malika Ayane no longer had many doubts, deciding to offer David the opportunity to participate in the much sought after final phase.

From this moment on, Rossi will also need the vote of viewers, who will be able to make their choice through various modalities summarized in the following link: https://xfactor.sky.it/2019/10/23/come-votate-concorrents -x-factor /? = fbclid IwAR3iU9BeMHwJ4O7rnvYfel1cgTtfBdtzzUfEt_iSvZY_H4dLFymd8Y1sr8E

Emotion to the stars for the artist from Rieti who, supported by his many friends, fans and acquaintances, is ready to face this important challenge. In his presentation video (available yesterday on the official X Factor website) Davide appeared very heavy and determined, declaring: «When I start playing, I have the impression of entering a room. As soon as I open the door, a story begins, which ends as soon as a song ends and I wish it would never end. I would like to convey the same feelings to the public as I do during a performance. Some things cannot be explained ».

The first episode of Prime Time opens with the presentation of the participants in the competition who perform during the evening.
During each Prime Time episode, from the first to the eighth inclusive, one or more participants are eliminated.
The race takes place as follows:
During the episode we see the performances of all the participants, presented in one or more heats.
At the beginning of each run the Televoto is opened which is closed after all the performances of the run have ended
race. During each performance, the code linked to each participant appears, over impression,
to allow the home audience to cast their vote of satisfaction.
At the end of each round and after the end of the televoting, the names of those who proceed are announced in random order
in the race. The less voted are at risk of elimination and will perform for a second time, at the end of all the performances. TO
this point the four judges decide by majority which of the two is eliminated and whoever accesses the next episode. In the case in
where there is a level playing field, the elimination mechanism will proceed as follows: in the closing of the bet comes
open the televoting between the two candidates in elimination. The candidate who has received the least number of votes in the session of
televoto is deleted.
The production reserves the right to change the mode of the performances described here (in two runs), varying the number e
the structure of the heats, and varying the voting mechanism.

Exhibitions: the performances of the participants in the competition are prepared by the Judge / coach of the relevant category. Every week the
Judge / coach assigns the song to be sung during the competition to the members of his team. During the program they can
more performances will be scheduled during the single episodes.
The order of the performances is established by the production at its sole discretion.
After each performance the 4 Judges / coaches analyze and comment on the performance of each participant.
At the end of all the performances a filmed contribution of all the performances is proposed and the televoting remains open for a few minutes. Last updated at 13:23


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