Davide Liccardo presents the new Zero Motorcycles Sr / F


Zero Motorcycles presents the new one Sr / F, a model that defines its most innovative, intelligent and powerful bike ever created.

For the Californian company, world leader in the production of electric motorcycles, this is an unprecedented combination of power and control.

TO Naples the American company has in the Twins S.r.l. your reference point

"undoubtedly – explains the store manager Davide Liccardowe are facing a giant of its sector, which revolutionizes the concept of electric motorcycles. Define the Sr / F how the best electric two-wheeler in the world is not improper because with a torque of 190 NM, every time you touch the knob the emotions you feel are incredible. The 2020 version is characterized by the new engine ZF75-10 which offers top performance and efficiency levels. The lithium ion battery ZF14.4 then allows a truly remarkable autonomy and reduced recharge times. Its electronic platform goes from ABS Cornering to traction control with adjustable mappings to multiple options. In short, the Sr / F is an exciting and safe bike".

There Zero Motorcycles presents a complete range

"In just 13 years – says Liccardo – there Zero Motorcycles has been able to carve out the role of industry leader. The range is very rich and responds to all mobility needs with respect for the environment and economy. I am there Fx, the FxS, the S, the Sr, the ds and the Dsr, in addition to the Sr / F. At our store in Via Nuova Poggioreale 58 you can discover these exciting and interesting models".

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