David Villa retires, the list of his best goals


When David was just 4 years old he suffered a fracture in the femur of his right leg. There were two feasible options: the operation, from which it could have been released with limited mobility; or keep a cast up to the hip for several months to try to recover completely – but with the risk instead of having a big leg problem for the rest of your life. Obviously the most complicated path was taken, that of chalk, and in this decision – at least from what Villa writes about The Player's Tribune – he counted his father's obsession with football, and the idea that he should become a footballer at all costs.

As soon as David could walk out of bed, his father started to kick the ball against the wall with his left. And this is the story of how David Villa became ambidextrous: "I was never the most technical footballer, nor the fastest, but the fact that I could kick with both feet made me unpredictable".

In this goal with the left there is his taste for shots on the far post. Sometimes Villa does it with the simplicity of someone who seems to have found a bug in the system to always rub the goalkeeper: pull hard and with a slightly curved dish. Villa did it with both feet.

In this, as in other great goals by David Villa, the door only seems too big for a goalkeeper.

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