Damage to the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. VIDEO


It is among the images symbol of what has been called "an apocalyptic disaster", a wound to the heart that everyone hopes can heal quickly. High water in Venice (THE UPDATES) invades everything, it also submerges and floods the crypt of the Basilica of San Marco. The water entered from the broken windows by the fury of the tide that in the night between 12 and 13 November reached almost two meters, 1 meter and 87 cm to be precise. It hadn't happened since 1967. (THE PREVIOUS – HISTORIC PHOTOS).

The submerged crypt

The crypt is flooded for 120 cm, confirms the first prosecutor of San Marco, Carlo Alberto Tesserin. The columns and the marbles have been damaged but it is still early to take stock of the damage (PHOTO). They seem to be contained, adds Tesserin, who explains that "in these 20 hours the absorption capacity of floors and walls is dramatic".

"There were waves in Piazza San Marco"

And the story by Patriarch Francesco Moraglia during the press conference (VIDEO) on the damage caused by the high tide is dramatic. "I would like you to see the images of Piazza San Marco around 10.30pm-11pm yesterday. I have never witnessed such a thing: I saw Piazza San Marco many times, but yesterday there were waves that seemed to be by the sea". Venice, he adds, "is a fragile city, a city that should be understood. The city needs rethinking. Think back to the difficulties with which we meet and clash for years ". And he concludes: "There is a defense system of the city that never comes into being. There is the passage of ships, so many interests are touched".

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