Cyberbullying against Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves' partner: It looks like Helen Mirren


It is the most talked-about couple of the moment. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are conquering everyone for their simplicity and great harmony. Unfortunately, however, the fact that both Grant is definitely a girl in soap and water and that she shows up on the red carpet without any special frills, makes her an easy target for haters and snobs.

Social attacks on Alexandra Grant

In the world of social media there are those who give them the "old woman", those who compare it in a derogatory sense to Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren, who is 30 years older than her. The madness of social commentary also comes to this. The example is completely overturned. And so, a woman who shows herself natural becomes the subject of controversy. Fortunately, there are those who defend the couple and hurl themselves against this river of hatred: "Fortunately there are women who don't let themselves go to facelifts and other things like that." It's still: "It's just envy. I'm a beautiful couple." In a historical period in which we talk a lot about bodyshaming and cyberbullying, it is important that we highlight thoughts of this kind.

Who is Alexandra Grant

Who is the woman who stole Keanu Reeves' heart? Alexandra Grant is a 46-year-old gallery owner and visual artist. She was born in Ohio but works and lives in Los Angeles, right along with the actor from "Matrix" is "John Wick". Alexandra Grant is involved in sculpture, drawing, painting and video. The two have been working together since 2011. They have published two art books:" Ode to Happiness "and" Shadows. "The books contain her drawings and poems Together they founded a publishing company specializing in art publications.The works of Alexandra Grant can be seen in the most prestigious museums in the world: the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Galerie Gradiva from Paris, the Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York.

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