Crotone, disassembled and remove the bonnet of a Panda in the center: it is not the first case


The nasty surprise came this morning, when a Crotone town appeared from the balcony of her house and noticed something strange about her car, a Fiat Panda: the front hood was missing. Yes, exactly. Someone took the bonnet of a gray Fiat Panda in the night and took it off in a street in the center, undisturbed. The woman vented: "There are no words to comment on what has happened. This city has no hope, it has no future if populated by people who carry out these actions ".

It seems, among other things, not to be even the first case because other people in recent days have had the unpleasant surprise of finding missing pieces for their cars, only this time it happened in the center and without anyone having seen anything. Or rather, the owner claims that it is "impossible that nobody has seen anything, only that you are conspiratorial".

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