Cristiano Ronaldo and 55 minutes from appearance: right Sarri's choice



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Cristiano Ronaldo and 55 minutes from appearance: right Sarri's choice

Cristiano Ronaldo He's not fine. CR7 is certainly not through its best moment. In the first sixteen official matches of Juventus, of which 14 with the Portuguese in the field, the Juventus striker has made six goals: the last one from the spot against Genoa, the last on action on October 19 against Bologna. Twenty-two days ago.

Tonight Maurizio Sarri has deployed him from the first minute alongside Gonzalo Higuain. But Cristiano Ronaldo, unlike the Argentine 9, has never been in the heart of the game. He often changed position, he tried to create headaches for Milan's defense. But he only tickled Romagnoli and his companions: neither a dangerous conclusion from the parts of Donnarumma, nor an action worthy of note.
Fifty-five minutes insufficient to convince the coach to call him on the bench before the game hour. A choice that can be shared as seen in the field, not appreciated by the player who at the time of substitution to make room for Dybala (who unlocked the match at the 77th) pulled straight and returned to the locker room without sitting on the bench.
A scene that will make people discuss, a decision that will make us think. Because Sarri had called him back on the bench just once before: last Wednesday against Lokomotiv Moscow but after 82 minutes. Tonight he did it much earlier and did well: the Portuguese's performance was insufficient.

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