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The shock did not come. Rather. The lackluster 0-0 against Genoa, which further distances the Naples from the upper areas of the ranking, has confirmed the state of deep crisis of the group of Carlo Ancelotti. That has produced several goal-balls in the second half and must curse the great goalkeeper Radu's great performance, but in a very unconvincing context in terms of maneuver and mental attitude.DE LAURENTIIS DELUSO – An evening that lived at the "San Paolo" which was a mixture between the sadness represented by the large voids in the stands (the attendance did not go beyond 20,000 units) and the anger of the fans, who before, during and after the race did not they saved the Azzurri. And to this it is added the profound disappointment of the patron Aurelio De Laurentiis, who did not want to miss the last appointment before the stop for the national teams and before his restart for the United States. If the turbulent post-Salzburg, with the mutiny of its players, had been followed at a distance, from a hotel room, today the Neapolitan number ideally wanted to stay close to a group that did not provide the expected answers, even after the resumption of the withdrawal decided by Ancelotti on the eve of the race with Genoa.

ANCELOTTI UNDER OBSERVATION – And the very blue technician, which received its president's renewed confidence this week and was given the responsibility to take all necessary measures to overcome the crisis, inevitably ends and in turn on the dock. At the moment, according to a, Ancelotti does not risk exoneration; also by virtue of the contract expiring in June 2021 and an engagement of 6 million euro per year. But in these two weeks off, before the match of "San Siro" against Milan, it is not excluded that in a 360 ° analysis on the moment of the team also on the technical guide some evaluation can be made. The challenge with the Rossoneri and the subsequent Champions League match against Liverpool, which can be decisive for passing the round, they can become decisive for its future.

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