Crashing at 75 km / h against a tree, the slow motion crash test is terrifying


DEKRA, the largest automotive test company in Germany and the third largest in the world, released images of a crash test shot in slow motion. With the use of technology it is possible to observe every little detail of the collision and damage reported by the vehicle. The company is currently working on a series of crash tests of electric vehicles. According to DEKRA they have confirmed a high level of security. In the joint research project with the Gottingen University Medical Center, a Renault Zoe and three Nissan Leaf were tested in the DEKRA Crash Test Center in Neumunster. Collisions (like video) against a pole simulated different impact scenarios with a tree. The speed at which the vehicles were launched is far superior to those common in standard crash tests. The researchers came to the conclusion that the tested electric vehicles are comparable to conventional safety vehicles.

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