Countdown, Gerry Scotti accused of blocking the game: the harsh live reply


Unbelievable, but true: the legendary one is in the viewfinder Gerry Scotti. Already, in fact many have criticized his way of conducting the new quiz on Canale 5, Countdown. What is attributed to the face Mediaset? To linger and stall for too long. Let us explain: they essentially accuse him of not reading the questions fast enough, to the detriment of the competitors, and of wasting time with comments that would not be useful. In conclusion, it would make time unnecessarily hurting the show's competitors. A shower of criticisms that prompted Gerry Scotti to reply: "To all pundits I say that I can read the questions only when the computer gives me the consent, it tells me yes and therefore it gives me the right answer. So I'm not here to waste your time, I'm just here to make you win. "The answer, by the way, came just in the course of an episode of Countdown on Canale 5.

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