"Count the best that could have happened to me, do you want me to never settle. Scudetto? Let's see in May"


Protagonist together with Stefano Sensi at the Inter Store Milan in Galleria Passarella 2, Alessandro Sticks pauses at the microphones of Sky Sports to talk about the moment he is experiencing at Inter, he who is back from the excellent performance against Verona in the last challenge before the break. The interview starts from a curiosity linked to the jersey number: "95? It's my brother's date of birth, with which I have a strong bond: wearing this number, it's like taking him to the field"

Last year would you have ever imagined being in Inter?

"Certainly not even in the most optimistic expectations would I have thought I was here. It is a dream, an experience that I experience day by day: I hope to continue like this, I am improving so much thanks to the group and the coach".

What helps you Conte?

"He couldn't have got any better, he knows how to exalt young people to the fullest. He is a great coach, he encourages me to do better and tells me never to be satisfied, despite the good performances".

Scudetto possible?

"We know it is difficult to fill the gap with Juventus, we work day by day to win every game. Then we will see at the end of the season".

Your epiphany was Inter-Juve: what does it mean to enter a match like this?

"In my life I have lived experiences that unfortunately have changed me, so I live football as a game. It is normal that playing in front of 80,000 people is different from playing in front of 15, but I only think about having fun".

Not bad at defending games with masters, what would you like to take from them?

"Surely in addition to their characteristics, in ten years I would like to have their ability to advise. It is as if I were their younger brother. What do they tell me? They are things that remain secret. Godin? He is a teacher, he teaches me so much. Skriniar "Come on like wood (laughs). They all give me lots of advice, we're a nice group."

How is harmony in the locker room?

"There are so many Italians. We are well together in the locker room and we'll see each other outside. Let's go to the field with a smile"

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