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Today confrontation with Pinetina with the Nerazzurri coach

The day after Borussia Dortmund-Inter, to make to discuss more than the suffered comeback, are the statements of Antonio Conte. Statements that the Nerazzurri officials did not take well as explained by the Corriere dello Sport: "The day after Antonio Conte's outburst, the watchword in Viale della Liberazione is not to lose your cool. The harsh words against the leadership of the Lecce coach were certainly not greeted with a smile on the lips by Ad Marotta and the other Nerazzurri managers, but no one at Inter lost their temper. The watchword is to maintain optimism and think above all about the excellent first half played in Dortmund with the aim of continuing the group's growth process. Of course, nobody was pleased to hear the coach's accusations, heavy words that surprised the management a lot, displaced in front of a similar "offensive""Explains the newspaper.

"Today at the resumption of training, as always happens, the managers will be at Pinetina. No urgent meetings, but a normal confrontation, as had happened after the draw against Parma (when Conte had thundered) and on other occasions. Of course in Viale della Liberazione they note that Conte's outbreaks are starting to be very frequent. And two months after the market reopens (when reinforcements are sought), they are convinced that the climate of tension does not help. A solution will have to be found".

(Corriere dello Sport)

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