"Count, excessive media coverage. He wants to protect the team from an excess of compliments"


"The media release was excessive, but it leads to a public evaluation of the group". From the studies of SkySport, Lele Adani analyzes the vent of Antonio Conte after the defeat in Dortmund: "He protects the team from over-complimenting by claiming its work. Conte basically says' This is the group, where can I get? Where can I improve? And the defects you find them by playing against teams like Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, which are high level. Conte had an outburst, but did not do an analysis of the match. Inter also deserved the first leg against Dortmund but did not dominate. The value is seen against the strongest, Inter do not know if it is the third strength of the league because Roma is a strong team. He is trying to tell the company that if he wants to compete with Juventus in the league with this group, he is already showing in the Champions League that right now it's not possible. Conte, who is a great coach, began to talk about these problems after his victory in Brescia. In my opinion, in his analysis he traced a path that was not followed by the company ".

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