Count at InterTV: "Today an important step. Skriniar-de Vrij-Bastoni: monstrous test"


On the sidelines of the 2-1 inflicted by Inter at San Siro against Hellas Verona, the Nerazzurri coach Antonio Conte commented on the race at InterTV. Here are his statements.

Even against Napoli and Juventus, Hellas Verona put the opponent in difficulty, but tonight Inter made a substantial match, quickly recovering from the Dortmund crash.

"I am very happy for the performance, for what we have done. The match was not put in the best way, in fact, precisely in favor of Verona. They defended with two lines, following their opponents across the board. defensive phase were lined up with a 7-3. It was not easy. We paid a restart, then we managed to keep calm and clear. The boys were good, even in the second half we defended with 50 meters of field. "I like to talk about individuals, but Skriniar was monstrous; Bastoni is a boy of twenty who is growing impressively. Well also De Vrij. We were pushed by an audience that believed in us, with us, from first to lastly. In the end, enjoying together was the best thing possible ".

The two goals derive from the insertion of the midfielders: had the game been studied that way?

"In the interval I told the boys to look for the width with our externals, to look for inclusion by midfielders. Romelu (Lukaku, ed) had to look for the ball and turn on it. We were good. Today we made an important step, because we came from a bitter disappointment: that of Dortmund. This team is proving to always put something in their luggage, even with defeats; we're getting better, because if you don't make a big team, you don't win these games. I am very happy, especially for the players: there is great desire, great determination, great availability. We have kept a very high level of intensity during this period ".

After the goal suffered a penalty, there was immediately a reaction.

"Our strength must be to combine great character with our idea of ​​football. You cannot win only with character: there is also an idea, but we must never surrender before diversity. We have a very young base that has ample room for improvement: it is inevitable that, when you are at Inter, you have to push the accelerator and accelerate this growth process as soon as possible, I have the good fortune to work with exceptional guys, who want to grow, to work, to remain many years in Inter and become important columns. We got 31 points in 12 games: no one could have expected it, not even with the most optimistic forecasts, a very strong synergy was created, with all the staff members. something very important ".

In connection there is Bastoni: does he also represent the future?

"I do not like to praise the individual, but today the three behind have made a monstrous match, from every point of view. Alessandro has precise characteristics: he must improve in defensive wickedness, but he has game and personality, and today he was a constant thorn for the defense of Verona. He knows very well the esteem I and his companions have towards him, but he knows he must improve. He is a legacy of Italian football, he can become an Inter column and a pillar for the coming years " .


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