Cortina d'Ampezzo, from spring to snow temperatures. And now the slopes reopen


the snow has arrived! It would seem out of place news, judging from the temperatures above the norm of recent weeks. Instead, here we are, almost suddenly, talking about snow, skis and open lifts. But it is not much wonder at a time when climate change is the rule. To tell the truth, early snowfalls have not been lacking in recent decades, just as the snow-poor winters have not been lacking. And to see that from tomorrow some plants on the Alpine arc are already in operation, it can only be a good omen for ski lovers and not only.

The facilities

In fact, with the abundant snowfalls, the facilities on the Presena glacier will open tomorrow in the Adamello Ski area, where more than 60 cm of fresh snow have fallen. But from tomorrow it will be possible to ski also on the slopes of Solda in the Ortles group in South Tyrol. Still in South Tyrol on the Val Senales glacier, there are 50 cm of fresh snow at high altitude, with five lifts open. On the other side of the Alps, in Valle d'Aosta in Cervinia, recent snowfalls have made the Plateau Rosa glacier velvety, with 9 plants in operation. It also reports that on Sunday some plants will also open in Cortina d'Ampezzo. They are the chairlifts of the Col Gallina, in the area of ​​Passo Falzarego.

Another view of the Cortina landscape, before and after
Another view of the Cortina landscape, before and after

The landscape

What matters most is that the snow has made the winter tourist resorts inviting, giving the landscape, above 1200-1500 meters, the most sought after aspect. One of the main observations, in fact, detected by the JFC Italian Mountain Tourism Observatory, recently presented at ModenaFiere on the occasion of Skipasses, the tracks are not enough. Although now the programmed snowmaking is able to guarantee sporting practice almost everywhere, what Italians are looking for is not only the track, but increasingly the snow-white resort, which represents purity, clarity and immersion in nature.

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