CORRIERE – Naples, De Laurentiis wants to take away 25% of the salary from the players: the details


Aurelio De Laurentiis, patron of Naples, as reported in today's edition of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno, would have changed his mind about the "punishment" to be inflicted on his own.

Today's edition of Corriere dello Sport analyzes what is happening at home in Naples in the last few days following the decision of Aurelio De Laurentiis to send everyone into retreat and the refusal of the team, after the match against Salzburg, to accept the order given by the patron of the Campania association. De Laurentiis gives an appointment to Chiavelli, the managing director, to Giuntoli, the diesse, to Formisano, the head of marketing, and to Lombardo, the head of the communication area.

Then there is a hot mobile phone, which is useful to hear Ancelotti and to talk with the lawyer Grassani, because there is a line to follow, sanctions to be requested through the discipline college that could rise, from 5% per cent of the monthly payment, which seemed the initial intention, at 25%, as allowed by the collective agreement, which would spread to a megamult. They will be hot days for the president and all the players of Napoli.

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