CORRIERE – Naples, De Laurentiis takes revenge on the "rebels". Modest revolt of the city


Today's edition of the Corriere dello Sport takes stock of what happened yesterday during the open-door training held at Castel Volturno.

Alessandro Barbano, deputy director of Corriere dello Sport, in one of his editorials, analyzes the situation that has arisen in Naples with the increasingly strong diatribe between the president of the Campania association Aurelio De Laurentiis and the team. Here's what we read: "There is the revolt, the restoration and the pillory. Today the washing of the training open to the public, the whistles and the coins almost telephone calls, avoidable with a postponement but not avoided, and therefore knowingly wanted".

Barbano then added: "The slap of a deserted retreat must be washed in the square. There is in this eternal return of Naples a figure of existential immaturity that pervades the protagonists, all of them. It's revenge that consumed by the president to the detriment of the Castel Volturno rebels. The one in Naples was just one modest rebellion. The fact that it took place in November shows the strategic weakness of the rebels and restorers. Putting the boxes back in place will not be easy, in De Laurentiis's past all conflicts end with incurable divorces. Naples risks getting closer to the damn incompleteness of its metropolis ".

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