Corrado: "Naples, the worst mistake is of Ancelotti: the exemption is the only way forward"


Antonio Corrado, a journalist, spoke during the Fuorigioco program, a program broadcast on the Televomero television station.

The journalist Antonio Corrado issued some statements during the transmission offside, program broadcast on the television station Televomero. Here are his words: "What caused everything to fall to Naples is the behavior of some players. The players responded rudely to the club. The biggest mistake was made by Ancelotti. First he took a stand against the club and said he was against withdrawing, then he does not have the strength to convince the players to follow him to Castel Volturno ".

The journalist Antonio Corrado then added: "Napoli recognized 100 thousand euros for the players for every win both in the league and in the Champions League. I see no other way but the exemption of Carlo Ancelotti. The staff is in free fall, the coach has now lost all authority. You need a ferryman who can take the boat to port at least until May. Names? I don't know, but I only say that this situation cannot continue. We must change ".

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