Corbo: "We need to start again: but from where? Ancelotti feels humiliated, Insigne pouting"


Antonio Corbo in his usual editorial for the column Il Graffio on commented on the current situation in the blue house.

Very black moment for Naples, Antonio Corbo, in his usual editorial for the column Il Graffio on, commented on the current situation in the blue house: "Ancelotti enters with his worried silence in a stage absent in the voices, in the colors, in the feelings. He feels the unbearable sadness of the game. He would like it to be the last, he feels predestined to a dark draw and to the final whistles, he looks tired illustrious returning emigrant who thought he had finally arrived in the city of dreams, he felt humiliated and misunderstood, he seemed to ask himself how and why he had become hostile to the Naples he had immediately loved, which now challenges the team but also his work , his past, you can win everything or almost everything in Europe for nine years and be exhausted by nine days of hell. Genoa does not hesitate, immediately reveals its weaknesses in a rough defense in Zapata and Romero's slow. Thiago Motta, coach by career rather than by titles, attempts numerical superiority by moving the applauded Pandev, right in the trio of the 4-2-3-1, but the line-up is often compacted in a 5-4-1 "wait."

Corbo continues: "Naples to its torments, to the agitated internal relations also adds too many injuries. Manolas welcomed like the other Bronze to be combined with Koulibaly immediately dissolves the evocative image, yes but so discontinuous giant in the presences. Out of use now also Allan, Malcuit and the usual Ghoulam. Milik goes for it too, it would be precious to intercept the delicious cues of Insigne, a sulky but active captain as long as he can, in the first game after the revolt. It's up to a tandem that is lighter than lively. Mertens moves a lot, but does not affect. Lozano confirms his unspoken talent, he can't show his speed because Napoli stretches forward to beat against the rough defenders of Genoa, also protected by the rough median Cassata, who knows no fair play in urgent interventions with the melancholic Mexican, than to recover second balls, he tries, but in the narrow spaces of the area he gets lost. The whole team proves tired and insecure when it exceeds in the back passages, the most returned ball that sent according to ideas and courage. Koulibaly and Di Lorenzo are often on the attack, but if the second feels the fatigue of too many commitments, Koulibaly shines in the defensive interventions, with the newfound security. It is he who foils a goal with a save on the line on Pinamonti's shot in a rare but powerful choral action of Genoa with Cassata, Agudelo and Lerager. The Napoli then tries again with Llorente instead of Callejon, while Elmas notes Insigne to give more balance to the center, and so here is the echo of the revolt with whistles now undeserved to the sad captain. In a game to win with the usual Naples. Ancelotti is called to understand first why this team does not react: athletic preparation, the syndrome of the elsewhere that leads players to reflect on a tomorrow who knows where? From flop to escape, goodbye Naples ".

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