Corbo: "Naples, they all lost their minds. I received hallucinatory audio"


Antonio Corbo, journalist of the daily newspaper Repubblica, spoke during the program Radio Goal, a program broadcast on Kiss Kiss Napoli.

The journalist of the newspaper Republic, Antonio Corbo, issued some statements during Radio Goal, broadcast on air on Kiss Kiss Napoli. Here are his words: "The situation at home in Naples had to be handled very differently. Everyone lost their heads. Aurelio De Laurentiis should have called the captain, sought clarification with the players. The team should not have made the decision to leave, not to respect the order of society ".

Antonio Corbo then added: "Instead, I agree on the press silence. I think it was an opportune decision, I understand it. Naples is experiencing a difficult situation and, perhaps, some words that are a little out of place could help to burden an already hot climate. hallucinatory and certainly not true audio … ". The journalist refers to some files, of dubious origin, where he listens to quarrels inside the dressing room of Naples. Untruthful audio …

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