Corbo: "Insigne marked the most childish of his own goal! He acted as the leader of the revolt"


Antonio Corbo, journalist, in his editorial for the daily newspaper Repubblica, analyzed what is happening at home after the mutiny of the players.

The journalist Antonio Corbo published an editorial in the newspaper Republic. Here's what we read: "Naples responds immediately to the invitation of the company. Doors open to watch the training. The team arrives dumb and sad to the popular process. Two verdicts are derived from it. The first is harder than the second: in the immense empty spaces we read what the "Fans think. We have no time to lose for those who earn millions and violate their duties. Very few present, sadly few. How broad is the disaffection created in the autumn by Naples itself, which announced interplanetary conquests in summer. The other was predictable: the whistles, even the coins, like the politicians disavowed by Tangentopoli. In the virulent contest there is the flop of those who had opened the stadium to everyone, except to common sense and to journalists.Kept out of reporters and cameras, the fans divided the events in two stages: out and in. If the journalists didn't have to see or hear them, the news came from the fans with screams and words of dissent that was impossible not to see and not to hear. The most childish disinformation is recorded in times of chaos and modernity. They turn audio messages from one whatsapp to another. The most widespread is that of a solicitous mythomaniac, young, marked Neapolitan accent, breathless words in a poor story of those who have also marinated the compulsory school. As in the false anonymous messages, the reconstruction of the controversies of Tuesday evening is unlikely. At least two errors. An offensive phrase that Edoardo De Laurentiis would have written on the blackboard, then quashed by the storekeeper. There is no blackboard in the place indicated and the aforementioned collaborator is sick. The tip-off, hostile to the obvious society, brings around more poison ".

Antonio Corbo then added: "Dear Naples, how bad do you do it? The president has a thousand reasons, but in these hours a fragile society appears, without intermediate hierarchies. He decides everything and only himself. To the point of exposing even Edward his deputy, evidently without powers, to reactions rude and unacceptable: "You must tell your father that we are not going to retreat, but to go home." Insigne acted not as a captain but as head of the uprising. That role requires maturity: representing the comrades, never surpassing them in an angry violation of contractual duties. Tuesday Insigne he was the best, but after the game he scored the most childish of the own goals dragging the team from love to the indignation of the fans. Just that De Laurentiis studies how to punish the mutineers. How severe the severity is. But it is his interest to open a confrontation, listen with authority: what is really wrong, the technical guide of Ancelotti father and son is appreciated, the trainer is adequate, the company makes mistakes in relations with the team? President, think of it: truth brings victories, resentment only hatred ".

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