Corbo: "I have a suggestion for De Laurentiis, he cannot decide and always do everything"


The well-known journalist commented the moment of the Naples broadcast on the microphones of Radio Marte and expressed a personal opinion on the management of the club,

Antonio Corbo, editorialist for the newspaper The Republic, to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, addressing the blue president Aurelio De Laurentiis, he spoke about the management of the club and possible corrective measures: "In my opinion the president must create characters and intermediary figures, he absolutely cannot do and decide everything himself and himself. In between, between him and the team, there is only his son Edward, who has no charisma to dialogue with the team ".

Then Corbo added: "The president of a club must also delegate people of trust and lighten. In this sense De Laurentiis must enhance the role of Cristiano Giuntoli, sporting director, and that of his son, who is vice-president: the patron must fortify those intermediate positions inside a company there must be otherwise De Laurentiis could get in trouble ". In Naples there is also Chiavelli, managing director, who intervenes only for contractual matters.

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