Controversy for the upside-down picture of the Celtic fan after the victory over Lazio


Before the first match the Lazio ultras had "paraded" through the streets of Glasgow with the outstretched arm and intoned hymns of the fascist era. This was followed by the response of the Celtic fans and the Green Brigaden curve who came to the stadium with a banner depicting Benito Mussolini hanging upside down in Piazzale Loreto, accompanied by the words "Follow your leader", "Follow your leader ».

As a result, the return match of the Europa League match between Lazio and Celtic Glasgow at the Olimpico in Rome had aroused maximum alert and the monitoring of the two fans was raised, in the hope of avoiding clashes. Already the evening before the match, two men had been stabbed by some of the allegedly Lazio covered faces who had fled immediately after the attack.

The match ended with the victory of the guests for 2 to 1 but, more than the actions in the field, to make a sensation was the photo of some Celtic fans who celebrated the victory recalling the scene of Piazzale Loreto on the stands of the Olimpico , with Mussolini hanging upside down, provoking both appreciation and controversy.

The photo of Celtic fans at the Olimpico / Twitter

The clashes after the game

In the post game some groups of the two supporters were about to get in touch at Piazza Risorgimento, in the San Pietro area. Seven Celtic fans have been subjected to Daspo for 5 years for being found with firecrackers and objects to offend, two for attempting to bribe the Olimpico stewards and one for attempting to enter the stadium with a ticket not his own and having insulted the cops. But the Daspo was also proposed for five other Lazio fans, found in possession of sticks and knives.

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