Conte understood that he was pulling too hard: Marotta's silence …


Antonio Conte has pulled too hard and with today's statements has made a partial reverse after the post-Dortmund frontal attack. He hadn't sent them to say, after the Germans recovered. "Some managers came to say something – his words – at the beginning of the season we could have planned a lot better. Through work we can put anyone in difficulty. But then we get to the sixth game of a mini-cycle and the same things happen. to do championship and Champions in these conditions and a schedule. Important mistakes have been made ".ROUTE CHANGE – Today the change of direction in the conference: "It was not an outlet, but a constructive way to try to understand where some mistakes were made, without pointing to anyone. I was called here to try to change the engine speed of Inter. Every what I do is to improve the team: we can and we must do better, precisely because we are Inter. " Beppe Marotta has not yet officially commented on the Nerazzurri's phrases, but tomorrow the DG will probably break the silence before the match against Verona. Both he and Steven Zhang met the team and Conte after returning from Germany. Marotta is used to certain situations, the number two of Suning a little less and the former Juventus coach will have realized that he has pulled too much the rope as sometimes it had happened also to Juventus. Today's statements prove it, who knows if tomorrow Marotta will bury the hatchet or add a new episode to the saga.

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