Conte thinks: he could make a sensational decision


At Inter, there may be more news than you might think. Yes, because according to the latest rumors coming from the Nerazzurri headquarters, the idea of ​​some important change within the rose seems to take more and more ground. And no, we're not talking about the market. According to what was reported by the Republic, in fact, we could all have taken too much the words of Conte released in the press conference about too many goals conceded in the last games. This is why, according to the reconstructions, Conte would have identified Godin as the "weak point" of the Nerazzurri rearguard. Unbelievable, in some ways. The footballer on whom a thousand expectations had been laid, is actually disappointing. And precisely for this reason, according to the same source, Godin (who today will be replaced by Bastoni) in the future could definitely lose the starting spot in favor of D’Ambrosio, who returns to the bench after the injury. If all were to be confirmed, it would undoubtedly be an important rejection not only for Godin but also for the choices made under the market. It is beyond doubt, in fact, that if Godin were to be relegated to the bench, it would be a failure for Inter's strategies. This is the reason why since January, the turnaround will be practically complete. And Conte, he would have already asked for expression not one, not two, not three but as many as 4 shots >>> READ THE NEWS NOW

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