"Conte, on Barella and Sensi parole sgracei"


Long analysis yes Luigi Garlando, journalist of La Gazzetta dello Sport, on the words of Antonio Conte after the defeat against Borussia Dortmund. The colleague comments on the technician's statements, also focusing on the work he has done so far: "The second place in A, one point behind Juve, and the first half in Dortmund certify the progress of the work. New tactical identity, new spirit. That Antonio Conte is doing fast and very well is obvious. That he lacks the same players: from 2 to 4. We will continue to consider a crime not to have taken the last step for Dzeko and the failure of a "bulletin board" raider, as Antonio calls them, that is international experience that has won a lot. A Vidal, to understand, that would have helped the growth of young people and transmitted security on certain stormy nights. In between, the blanket is short and behind Lautaro and Lukaku there is a child (Esposito). Third concession: the character. If you invite Sgarbi to a talk show, don't complain if he shouts: "Goat!" If you hire the "100 euro restaurant" technician, expect ambitious market demands.

If you need a fire mister, wait for flushes everywhere. There are no transitional seasons for a winning spirit. Conte sees Inter grow well and wonders what he could have done (immediately!) With the reinforcements promised in the summer, against a Naples in crisis and a human Juve. Hence the fever and the Dortmund outburst. But was it appropriate to do it that way and at that time? «Programming errors. Come and explain ». Calling up his management in Eurovision served him to add definitive pressure for January, but at what price? The market discourse must be read in its entirety to be honest. Inter, just re-emerged from financial fair play, spent 170 million (including bonuses), of which 75 for Lukaku, upset by Conte. Zhang will invest 34 million (excluding bonuses) to pay his coach who earns almost double (10, then 12) of the second of A (Ancelotti, 6.5). Inter made mistakes in the market, but it is also true that a different distribution of the treasure would have better equipped the team. Barella struggled in the early days of Inter.

It was not a simple leap for a 22-year-old boy linked to his island. But he struggled and was good at imposing himself. And feel with him. Together they performed at the Camp Nou. They grew in self-esteem. How much do you push back a sentence in Eurovision like this? «I don't have any important and mature players that manage to manage. Do I ask Barella and Sensi who come from Cagliari and Sassuolo? " Apart from the fact that Barella will be the owner of a European, the task of a coach is the opposite: to inflate the hearts. In this Conte he is a master, as he demonstrated with Giaccherini and Candreva. The 19 year old Facchetti who debuted in A against Ghiggia, the Wizard swore: "He world champion, you will become". Empathy helps to grow. Empathy also means recognizing one's mistakes. Conte Tuesday has committed, but has not spoken of it. Little has been done to stem Hakimi and to intercept the collapse that cannot be explained only with the short blanket. Already with Barcelona, ​​Juve, Sassuolo and Brescia, Inter bipolar has changed its face over time. Unexplained Implosions. There is a lot to work on. If theologians question papal infallibility, Conte may be wrong because he is still a young technician and must improve the agreement with the Champions: he has lost six of his last eight trips. Perhaps the moral is this: getting back on track, after the general technical and dialectical derailment, to grow together, compact, without friendly and public fire. As the fans who did not like the after-match game ask. Let's call it the Dortmund lesson. If everyone learns it, it will become the most important growth step for a team scheduled to win. Maybe not immediately ”.

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