Conte: "Lazaro taken not seeing him in the picture! 31 Inter pride points"


Conte LIVE at a press conference

<! -Conte spoke in conference at the end of Inter-Verona, afternoon advance of the twelfth day of Serie A. These are the answers given by the Nerazzurri coach to journalists present in the press room at the Meazza. PRESS CONFERENCE – These are the words of Antonio Conte at the Inter-Verona post-match press conference. How important is this victory? I thank everyone, it is (…)

Conte spoke in conference at the end of Inter-Verona, afternoon advance of the twelfth day of Serie A. These are the answers given by the Nerazzurri coach to journalists present in the press room at the Meazza.

PRESS CONFERENCE – These are the words of Antonio Conte in the post match press conference of Inter-Verona.

How important is this victory?

I thank everyone, this is also why today we are talking about finding ourselves again at the top of the standings, even if perhaps for just one day, but with thirty-one points after twelve games and after the Champions League. I think our fan was proud of how the team played against teams that, right now, are ahead of us in terms of experience and background, at the international level. However, I repeat, after three months I can only thank those who are working in this way, from the players to all the people that revolve around us, all people who are really giving their best.

Two goals arrived from the midfielders, how important will it be to find continuity?

You know very well that, for my idea of ​​the game, I count so much on the midfielders' goals. We started, at the beginning of the championship, which marked both the midfielders. Then both Lautaro Martinez and Lukaku started to score, Alexis Sanchez also scored, but for me the contribution of the midfielders' goals is fundamental. We have in the midst of midfielders who have this chance to score in the ropes, I refer to Vecino but also to Gagliardini, because they have a physical structure of their own to hurt. Barella is one that fits, must improve in the implementation phase but it is a guy who comes to the shooting many times. He must increase his loot, well, today he scored the first goal but he had already scored with Slavia Prague. I am very happy for him, Brozovic and Sensi also have goals in the ropes. I expect from the midfielders first of all that they are doing well, which is the most important thing ever, then afterwards I think they understood the importance of being able to rotate to face the championship and the Champions League.

Ten victories in twelve games, with a rose with great difficulties. Does someone recover after the break? Is there a chance for Sanchez to shorten the time?

As I have always said we must look to ourselves. We must not look at others, because we would only hurt ourselves if we think or look at others. We must try to do our best, what we are doing. I am proud of the team's performance, it was the seventh game in twenty days and we brought an intensity to a team that makes intensity its characteristic. The positive aspect of the stop is that there are fifteen days, from here to Turin, to recover Gagliardini and Sensi. Stefano was on the bench today, he asked me if he wanted to be close to the team and this is nice, as Ranocchia had asked me. You know well what he did in the first seven games, the contribution he gave. I see the glass half full and I say that, in these games, Gagliardini and Vecino played well and gave their contribution. When Matias came back Gagliardini had a problem, Vecino showed he was fine. They are clean boys who need positive situations. For this reason I think that, in these seven games, it was important to find Gagliardini and Vecino. I expect a lot from them, we must recover. There was the return of D’Ambrosio, who is generous but did not experience pain. It also demonstrates the desire that these guys have to make themselves available to make a contribution to the team. Except Politano and Sanchez we will try to recover everyone, so as not to remain with the water in the throat and risk some other injury.

Mister Conte, in previous interviews he said he could include other players. Will you have an extra week in the next cycle, can Borja Valero and Dimarco also be resources?

Surely all the players can be resources. I think that today the decision to bring Candreva to the bench was very important, because he is a player who today gives me an alternative. The moment we were under 0-1 we played with two wings, because in any case Lazaro and Candreva are born outside of attack. It is normal that when you bring these players into one against one they can become important. I am happy for Lazaro, which as I said in unsuspected times we wanted. We didn't take it seeing it in the picture, but because it has certain characteristics. He also needs positivity, now I find myself an extra arrow in my bow and this is important. Borja Valero and Dimarco are training in a commendable way, I always try to make the best choices for the team based on the game and situations, but I repeat that I have the good fortune to have good guys and from this point of view I am very happy.

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