"Conte is not a paraculo, he does everything only to win"


After the negative trip to Dortmund, Inter di Conte returns to the field again for the Serie A. The Nerazzurri will be on the field at 18 at San Siro against Juric's Verona. A Sky Sport former Nerazzurri defender Lele Adani talked about the moment of Conte's team:

"Conte is not a paraculo, he does not want the press to agree. Try to do things to win. Family, group, victory. He is interested in raising the team, getting to the bottom, he doesn't need compliments. We must know how to take the outlet. With Conte you take the whole package, Conte analyzes the situation. With the job Inter is from second place, there are difficulties that come out in the defeat in the Champions League, but also in the victories in the championship. He doesn't care about the consents. From my point of view I don't think that Borja Valero can only play for a minute, in my opinion against Verona he can make Brozovic take his breath. With double commitment, internal resources are needed and this is Conte's work ”.

"Lazaro? A game is too little, it is not yet a player that allows me to judge him thinking, clean in the maneuver. For Inter, the two fifths must be two wings and you must know how to make the right choice, but he replied. Inter have to improve on the outside: Candreva and Asamoah are too far behind the holders compared to Biraghi and Lazaro ".

"Salcedo has interesting cues and flashes. As a young man he must improve, he has detachment, explosiveness. The Juric Verona accompanies with many players and needs the team work up front ”.

"Everything comes from absolute quality. You lose and also clearly with Dortmund because the quality comes out. He wins and struggles with Brescia and Bologna, but he can't do it with Dortmund. The Champions reveals the levels. In Borussia there are so many champions, Inter made important purchases in some areas, but it is not as complete as an absolute value. Conte wants to win the scudetto and shows you the shortcomings ".

"Inter later than thought. January comes, if Conte proposes three externals, Ausilio other three then you have to choose. It is not a question of age, but of performance. Inter needs performance ".

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