Conte does not change his mind, on the contrary


And at the seventh Inter didn't rest. At the end of the second mini-cycle made of seven games in 20 days, the reaction to the previous defeat arrives, three precious points arrive like the air, a victory arrives that brings entusiuasmo, positivity, trust. From October 20 until Saturday, the Nerazzurri played against Sassuolo, Borussia, Parma, Brescia, Bologna, Borussia and Verona again.

Among the most obvious data are the 11 goals conceded as a consequence not of a mad defense but of a team mechanism that at a certain point is no longer able to offer coverages starting from the pressure of the attackers. But the data even more evident speak of 5 wins, a draw and a defeat. With the only great regret of the second half of Dortmund (who may have compromised, but perhaps not, the journey in the Champions League), Inter, who appeared at various times exhausted, crippled, crushed, made an effort capable of going beyond all limits, injury and even beyond a too obvious fatigue .

Antonio Conte confirms himself black belt of the team spirit (think, trivially, of Stefano Sensi who, although unavailable, asked to go to the bench to stay close to his teammates, something that apparently last year could not be claimed by someone with a few more degrees on the uniform). It is confirmed player enhancer in an absolute sense as shown by the words of Bastoni in the mixed zone after the race: "I am living a dream, I could not have a better coach". Even expert connoisseur who knows how to turn and play well.

But the Count who after Verona he said his Inter made a small miracle by collecting 31 points in the league, which he thanked his players and who smiled more than once, is the same as Dortmund's outburst. And that is one that is not made to participate or be satisfied despite the logic, recent history, sometimes even the evidence would suggest otherwise. Always play with the same 12 or 13 players as well as an obligation often was a well-informed choice and a lucid acceptance of risk. A clear message: I have these available and I'm doing miracles with them. Imagine if only one or two more arrows were put in the arc … E any reference to the January market is purely intended and desired.

His is an Inter of struggle but not yet of government, an Inter that continues to suffer the unsayable and to stay, deep down, always crazy. And that excites his fans for this. But it is also an Inter that against the best defense of the championship, that of Hellas, has pulled 38 times and created 27 scoring chances in a non-suffered game (as some Sunday titles have played) but dominated and simply complicated because a sometimes the races seem haunted and the doors inviolable. For these certain victories are worth even more, especially if they arrive showing desire, character, mentality and physical strength (not bad for a tired and tired team).

In mid-November, with the Naples in a self-destructive phase, le Roman struggling with the usual ups and downs and the Milan prey to a corporate chaos that precedes the chaos on the field, if the Italian championship still has a sense, the merit belongs to the Nerazzurri. Said the ranking after 12 days can not change the balance and forces involved (with Juventus, repeated several times, the only opponent of itself), the work done by Conte already appears as an undeniable hymn to "why not". His Inter plays, suffers, creates, reacts, collapses, starts again. And it is a compact group with room for growth.

The message is clear: an Inter like this, with some reinforcement, can really make a championship that for 8 years lives of the Bianconeri dictatorship really fun. Conte is one who puts his face (even when he rejoices over when he bursts out) and that, simply because he sat on the Inter bench, he accepted the biggest risk of his career, even questioning what he had done up until now. If there is one who has a burning fire inside, a mad desire, a primordial instinct to go and try and dare, that's him. This explains his choices and his renunciations. But also the his statements and his requests. The goals from Barella proves that if you have champions on the team, their play changes your life when the games are haunted or complicated (like Douglas Costa who gave Juventus a victory with a siren-like magic in the Champions League). Just let a coach demand these players, if you want to make the leap in quality. And Conte, he himself said, did not come to Inter to leave things unaltered. Rather.

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