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Experience has won over freshness. Walter Mazzarri with his Turin he won 3 important points at the "Rigamonti" against Fabio's new Brescia Big. A convincing poker, a poker that represents a new starting point for Torino, back to winning after a month and a half. The match was put down by the grenades during the first half thanks to two goals from Belotti's spot, but the victory was certified in the second half, thanks also to the changes proposed by Mazzarri. The entrances of Berenguer and Laxalt, in fact, put a stop to the reaction of Brescia, quite vehement in the first quarter of an hour of the second half. Sirigu was summoned three times and managed to keep the clean sheet for the second time in the league.

APPROACH – Before the consolidation of the success, Torino had to build it and did it well, playing a solid first time in which the organization, typical of the Torino version 2018/2019, emerged powerfully. Against a somewhat contrite Brescia, the grenade midfield made the big voice: Lukic and Meite have always stood up with the right times by not allowing Brescia to build their own actions from behind. Behind the two halves the Toro occupied the spaces well: Rincon su Tonali, Izzo and above all Bremer often ahead of Brescia strikers. Torino managed to maintain a high center of gravity for 45 minutes, scoring two goals and securing the extra man for Mateju's expulsion.

YOU CHANGE – Torino suffered Brescia's proud pride in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Grosso, at the first in Serie A, tried to include Donnarumma, despite the numerical inferiority. Mazzarri replied, proposing smart changes. Berenguer did what Verdi failed to do: concretize the opportunities. Laxalt from mid-wing gave new energy to the median grenade, replacing an excellent Lukic. The two moves, together with Sirigu's parades, did not allow Brescia to reopen the dispute. The Torino has regained ground and has legitimized the victory with the brace of Berenguer. Four goals scored, three points scored and new certainties from which to start again after the break, starting with Laxalt and Berenguer, the two banks taken from the bench by Mazzarri so as not to complicate the life of the "Rigamonti".

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