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THE CHALLENGE TO MISTER PALMIERI on Sunday we have a great match (Juve-Milan) and a very current match, but not in our borders (Liverpool-City). Just arm yourself with odds and write the final one under your own play, eyeing that the column is full of guys who know how to do it with the head and the pen! It starts right from the end, with the postponement of the evening between Juventus and Milan. Despite the fact that the Bianconeri continue to convince little (but to win a lot), I can't think of the way Pioli could put a banana peel in front of them. His Milan so far has been gne-gne, like and more than that of Giampaolo; if the players are those it is hard to argue with the biggest …

A Marassi will need to see if Samp is still the one who "stole" the three points from Spal or Sir Claudio Ranieri is making little steps on little steps. If instead the Atalanta is the one that twice made Pep exclaim: "But who are these devils?", then it will be a non-existent game, which will evaporate in the blink of an eye, the odd is also slurp.

Parma-Rome is interesting, especially after that fetid last minute in the Europa League, in Monchengladbach. Without it, Roma arrived at Tardini with the fanfare, after having squeezed out Napoli in terms of play and that of cazzimma. But D'Aversa will also have studied the night to create problems, my combo may not be thrown away.

I was talking about the Premier League, there is THE MATCH. Liverpool-Manchester City it is the best that continental football can offer now, with two great coaches and a series of big or small Golden Balls, to name them all you would finish the page. In the meantime one passes the hand after the injury to Gasperini, the goalkeeper Hederson, and it is not a little thing. And anyway, since May 1-2, 2003, the City has failed to violate Anfield Road in the Premier League. In fact, 11 defeats and 5 draws followed. Numbers that speak. And that makes the quota speak, at 2.57. Klopp versus Guardiola, 5.30 pm in front of the TV!


Juventus-Milan 1 (share 1.45)

Sampdoria-Atalanta 2 (1.90)

Parma-Rome X2 / under 3.5 (1.83)

Liverpool-Manchester City 1 (2.57)

The quatern is worth 12.9 times the stakes.

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