Climate, the European Parliament declares environmental emergency. And the boys return to the streets


BREAK the silence once again to shout to world leaders that there is no more time: action must be taken immediately to stem the current climate crisis. With the stated goal of putting pressure on the powerful of the world who will be meeting in Madrid for Cop25 from December 2, the Conference of the parties on the climate in which future emission strategies are decided, on Friday November 29 the world will hold the fourth global climate strike (# GlobalStrike4Future).

The objectives of the protest

Along the roads and in the squares of the Planet millions of young people of the FridaysForFuture movement, flanked by researchers, scientists, people attentive to the climatic emergency and probably in Italy also by the people of the Sardines, will manifest to ask for three immediate changes to the global governments. The first, entitled "out of the fossil", is to abandon investment and the use of fossil fuels in order to be able to contain emissions (which in the meantime grow) and bring them to zero by 2050. The second will be to use the lighthouse principle of " climate justice "so that all the countries of the world move towards the energy transaction. The third, "giving voice to science, listening to what science tells us", write the FFF boys, because despite the many appeals "the political and economic will for a change" is still lacking.

Strike from the boat for Greta

The # 29 November strike, the organizers say, will have to serve as a warning and push for all the countries that will be called to Madrid to take clear positions and develop concrete actions against the climate crisis. To scream this desire for change in the square the students will descend, flanked by many professors, but also Italian researchers and doctoral students who with a letter warn of wanting to participate "once again for this epochal battle for humanity". From New York to Paris, passing through Spain, but also through South America, which is going through civil unrest and clashes, thousands of marches will be held all over the world: in the last demonstration during the Climate Action Week in late September they took to the road beyond 7.5 million students worldwide, from Iceland to Antarctica.

Even the champion of the environment Greta Thunberg will strike with his now historic sign in hand: this time he will do it from the sailboat "Le Vagabonde" with which, along with an Australian family, he is reaching Europe to take part in the Cop25 in Madrid. Due to the difficult weather conditions, Greta could dock in the next few hours in the Azores for a break before reaching Lisbon from where she will take the train to Spain.

The appeal to Sardines

In Italy that of tomorrow will be a complex day: while the climate boys will protest in the squares throughout the boot, there are fears of inconvenience linked to transport and services, given that a national general strike is planned, organized by the union (Basic Union of Trade Unions) which will concern all categories of workers, public and private. At the same time it will also be Black Friday, a day of bargains and purchases at half price everywhere.
The young people of FridaysForFuture are still hoping for a great new event, calling adults too and, as in the case of FFF Roma, even addressing the new Sardine movement. "Join us – reiterate the young Roman strikers in a direct appeal to the 6000 Sardines – convinced that the objectives for which we both fight are complementary and often coincide". The invitation is also aimed at contrasting Black Friday, a model of consumption deemed "not sustainable".

The events in Italy

As always, strikes are planned in hundreds of Italian cities and towns (the map here). TO Rome appointment in Piazza della Repubblica at 9.30am and then head to Piazza del Popolo. TO Milan the meeting is at 9 in Largo Cairoli. TO turin the students gathered at 9.30 am in Piazza Bernini, a Palermo at 8.30 am in Piazza Castelnuovo, a Naples at nine they will leave from Piazza Garibaldi, again at 9 am also at Bologna in Piazza XX Settembre and at Florence at Piazza della Repubblica. In the fragile Venice hit by the climatic crisis and high water meeting at 8.30am in Mestre, while at Cagliari meeting at 3pm in Piazza Garibaldi. From capitals to small towns, a demonstration is planned in virtually every municipality.

The crisis is already affecting

In the meantime, to remember how the climate crisis is already making itself felt, with an alarm published on Nature seven scientists now claim that different climate predictions made at the end of the nineties are now reality, from the melting of polar ice to the reduction of the coral reef. Timothy Lenton, of the British University of Exeter, the first signatory of the research, speaks of "sudden and unpredictable changes, with cascading effects that could threaten the very existence of civilization", if we do not implement immediate countermeasures "starting from the reduction of greenhouse gases" .Only a few weeks ago 11 thousand researchers from 153 countries, including over 200 Italians, had reiterated the same concept in a letter of appeal that appeared in BioScience. Today the European Parliament also takes note of this, declaring "a climatic and environmental emergency" and inviting "the Commission, the Member States and all global actors to urgently undertake the concrete actions necessary to combat and contain this threat before it is too late".

In the new alarm the scientists tell how the forecasts of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) of 20 years ago today are coming true and how the increase in global temperatures of 1-2 degrees could lead us to a point of no return. "99% of corals may disappear if temperatures rise by 2 ° C". If we were to continue at this rate, the 1.5 ° C increase would already occur in twenty years and we would also go to the constant melting of the polar ice with the risk that the Gulf current could slow down or stop.

"The stability and resilience of the Earth are in danger. The situation is too risky to wait any longer" the researchers say in the hope that in Madrid, during the COP25, the powerful of the world will listen to both science and the appeal of the FridaysForFuture boys identifying strategies immediate to say goodbye to fossil fuels and limit the increase of emissions and greenhouse gases.

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