Claudia Stabile disappeared, sees her daughter's drawing to Who has seen it and speaks to her lawyer :: "I'm fine"


Claudia Stabile is fine. The 35-year-old mother who died a month ago from Campofiorito (Palermo) came in through his lawyer, after seeing the episode of Who has seen? aired last night, saying "feel good". The "beautiful news" was announced by the Twitter profile of the Rai Tre show with a video in which the host Federica Sciarelli.

"We have known right now that Claudia, Campofiorito's mother is well – she said, radiant, the presenter – She had moved away, now we will try to understand why, but she contacted her lawyer after seeing the drawings that her daughter had made and that we showed last night to "Chi l'ha visto" ".

Claudia Stabile, the yellow of disappearance: the message after "Chi l'ha visto?"

Claudia Stabile is the defendant in a trial that is being held in the court of Termini Imerese. She was denounced by her husband, Piero Bono, who accused her of child abduction abroad because she left in 2016, taking one of her children with her. A month ago, the disappearance. After calling her husband one last time to tell him that she was going to Corleone to buy what was necessary to make him a birthday cake, Claudia Stabile had lost her tracks. His car was found in the parking lot of the Falcone Borsellino airport square, with the keys hidden under the mat. From the day of the disappearance, several appeals followed for her husband, who have remained unanswered until now.

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